Meet Noelle Anique


In case we haven’t met already… Let me introduce myself!

I am the Owner of Anique Design Flowers. This dream of mine came to fruition only a year ago.

While I have been selling products for other companies for 20 plus years, I decided to take a chance on me!

Art has always been my great escape from elementary school at Carr Lane VPA, through my independent school experience where I could let go and be myself without inhibitions. Art is also my way providing self care, before this glorious movement had a title.

My journey has led me to spend my evenings, weekends and even some lunch breaks ( yep! I do this while still kicking ass at my 9-5)!

Not only am I a full time account executive and small business owner, I have two beautiful kiddos - one a teen the other a terrible 2-er. They keep me busy, on my toes and most of all motivation to be the best I can be to myself.

My hope is that one day they too can reach for the stars, bet on themselves and do what they love without hesitation. Also showing them they can push past boundaries our unfair world creates for all of us who are not white-cisgender men.

So… now you have a peek into who I am and the person behind the bouquet, arrangement, delivery (yep still me for now), event decor and wedding day florals!

When you choose ADF, I am the one doing the happy dance!

Hope to work with you or your loved ones one day and help you and our community be GIVERS one by one starting with flowers. 🖤 #stlfloraldesigner #womenownedsmallbusiness #femaleownedbusiness #stlweddings #beagivermovement #beagiver

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