The Real Deal Vs. The Knock Off

The Real Deal Vs. The Knock Off

Bell bottom pants, the middle hair part, full on beard look, blazer with shoulder pads, jogging suits, blue eye shadow… All things from the past come back, but as I get older and have lived through a few trends recycles, I realize it’s always with a twist- thank goodness!

One of those lovely past trends is the faux flower or what they are most referred to as silk flowers. They were the best thing since sliced bread in the nineties! In every interior from home to hotels, kitchen tables to living room coffee tables, business front desks to meeting rooms and wedding centerpieces to the bridal bouquet they were a statement piece to admire. I must admit after some door-to-door marketing, (yep sometimes we must get old school and get to knocking) and with much disgust some of these may remain intact with a thick layer of dust! If you see one- please have them call ADF asap.

From there we went to the other extreme, up until recently, of solely real flowers and all their glory. While you cannot keep real blooms forever, well in their exact form, they exude natural beauty, I personally think cannot be replaced by even the most high-quality faux flower. However, just as with the real versus knock off purse, there is nothing quite like the real deal. The fragrance, rich colors, texture, and individual beauty of every bloom in the real is the most astounding and irreplaceable. Fresh flowers are often thought to be too expensive, which will be discussed at another time another blog, however the cost is comparable to silk, wood, and most quality faux flowers. If you have any doubt, check out pricing at your craft store for a single quality silk rose stem! It’s pricey!

As a floral designer and embracing the come backs with a twist, I would recommend a blend of the two! Often when planning décor customers have Pinterest visions not realizing what is behind the picture and product that goes into creating a dream like floral oasis. Most of us plan with a budget in mind and mixing faux and real we have a wider variety to work from. With faux you can have the navy hydrangea, fuchsia dahlia, trailing orchids and incorporate your staples of greenery, fillers, roses, carnations, and so on to give you the best of both worlds!

All in all, it comes down to preference and your style. As an artist, with flowers being my medium, the overall look will always be achieved with what we’ve got to work with. I will always prefer real over faux, but that’s my preference… what’s yours?

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