Please Do Us All A Favor!

Please Do Us All A Favor!

Mini bubbles, match books, photo booth picture strips, beer koozies - the parting gifts we never need, use or have enough space to keep! And we would never admit to it, but they are eventually trashed or if it’s lucky stuffed into a junk drawer.

These days with global warming, the war on plastic, ocean turned landfills, Minimalism trend turned Maximalist… What the heck do we need with extra knick-knacks? So, let’s please do us all a favor (especially Mother Earth) and rethink our Party favors.

The ultimate goal is to thank your guests with a parting gift that reflects on the host or person being celebrated and gift an item they can enjoy themselves afterwards. Here are some ways to do so without contributing to the infamous junk drawer!

A sweet treat to go:

Macaroons, A decorated cookie, customized chocolate squares are all delectable treats that can be saved or indulged on the way home! Have them on a table or a custom wall for guests to take one as they depart. We rent the custom wall and check out one of our favorite local dessert vendors, Lisa’s Baked Sweets .

A Flower Bar with DIY bouquets:

You can never go wrong with fresh blooms. Even dried florals are a great touch to any space. Choose florals in the colors of your event and let guests do the pairing themselves as the make their way to the exit. This can be set up as a bar, on a table or customized wall. Don’t stray too far as Anique Design Flowers' Bloom Bar is your go to for this service! Email us to reserve your date and chat about the details! We offer online purchase of the basic Bloom Bar package.

Individual Quote cards:

Yes, this constitutes as a mini knick-knack! However, who doesn’t want a bit of positivity to leave in a special place reminding them of your thoughtfulness with high energy and good vibes. We’ve stumbled upon them at HomeGoods, however Amazon has cute ones only click away.

Hand Soap Bars:

How many times a day do we wash our hands? A whole lot! Place a small handmade soap bar in a bag or box for your guest to enjoy in their home. Pick a scent and color reflective of you; a great way to say thanks and keep them smelling good!

Keepsake Crystals:

Most of us these days have a plant, candle or a pocket that can house a small crystal. With so many types exuding positive energy and deep meanings personalize your thank you with a crystal and identification card. Use a crystal identification chart to learn which one would be the perfect gem to gift your guests. My favorite is the rose quartz the stone of love!

No matter what type of favor you choose, it is the thought that counts!  Anique Design can help elevate your event experience with custom design, décor and ideas you and your guests will remember forever.  Complete our contact form and lets chat!

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