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Never An Overnight Success!

If you follow my socials, then you probably know the past few months starting this November, I have dove head first into investing in my Business. After this past year of immersing myself in the world of fresh florals, I had quite the take off with much success. However, with the artistry and experience increasing, I needed to put energy into the entrepreneur side, too.

The past few months I attended two business summits; Wedding MBA in Las Vegas and the first ever ROI Summit with Hello 7. Let me tell you, the amount of information and motivation received is incredible beyond words.

I know in the moments to come, the actions which will proceed these events will demonstrate what I have learned. ACTION is everything! The ADF transformation into the floral design powerhouse we are destined to become is in the workings Flower Friends!
I write this having left the ROI Summit held in San Juan, PR just the day before. With countless take-aways, the one that is most profound for me is - no business is ever born overnight.

Anique Design Flowers was officially made an LLC January of 2022 and sold the first ever arrangement to a non-family member in December of 2021. In the first year as a fresh floral designer with ADF, I have fully executed 3 weddings, 2 a la carte bridal bouquets (they are always an intense process so they deserve a separate calling out!) 10 events, 1 fully executed funeral service, 7 memorial service designs and over 150 delivered or shipped arrangements. 2022 ended with 2 weddings booked for the 2023 year and a website revamping to better serve our daily arrangement clientele. All of this is what may seem to be an overnight success, but is really a dream being cultivated over the past 22 years.

The business mind and corporate artistic experience began as I stepped foot into my first retail job at 16. From visual merchandising to the customer servicing, which lead to being a high achieving sales associate and leaving the store each day with crisp, visually pleasing, organized merchandise presentations. For me that is where the business was being cultivated. I spent 15 years holding Manager level positions both operationally and visually, with successes. Fast forward to 22 years later to the current, I am an Account Executive for an International Company remotely selling to businesses coast to coast.
This is no over night success!

I am a self taught floral designer, but first I am an artist. From elementary school, where I would get lost in a colored pencil or paper mache project, to high school art studios where still lives with pastels and sketch books were a daily escape. Then onto the University years studying graphic design and immersing myself into fine arts classes and finally completing my B.S. degree in Fashion Merchandising.
Now here I stand owner of a floral design and event décor company creating art with a plethora of flowers, unique upcycled vessels, fun furniture and beautiful hardgoods. No matter what is being created, the elements of design never change . Despite the medium or audience; the mixing and matching of colors, emphasis, textures, and rhythm as the eye goes from one end to the other, it is all the same concept.

In writing this, I realize there are instances and memories, too many to count, directly impacting the evolution of Anique Design Flowers. Another reason why I have such passion, determination, drive, zest and intensity with each and every design, event, interaction and process ADF touches and cultivates; this is an extension of me and my soul.

Give to Others. Give to Yourself. Give Bespoke.
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